The University of Colorado Boulder values donations, whether monetary, gift-in-kind, asset, property or other and we appreciate those who donate to our organization for the purposes of fulfilling our mission of education, research, collaboration and developing the leaders of tomorrow. As such, Gift Fund accounting plays an important role in ensuring proper stewardship of the organization's funds and assets by segregating funds according to their intended purposes. The intent of each gift is made known by the donor at the time of the donation - some donors' gifts are intended for specific purposes, while others are provided to the university for more general use, and some are short-term gifts, where others are long-term.

In order to best protect and manage these gift funds, CU Boulder, in conjunction with the CU Foundation, has established a variety of methods in order to properly position those monies, fund group, gifts-in-kind, assets, property or other gift items. Below are a few general questions for you to consider as you identify the best way to classify these gifts:

  • What are the sources and uses of the funds?

  • Where did the money come from, and what is it to be used for?

  • Are the funds unrestricted or restricted?

  • Who decides how it is to be used?

  • Are the funds current or non-current?

  • Can we use it now, or are we holding it in some way?


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