CU Boulder's area accountants provide accounting expertise, internal controls, guidance and interpretation of CU's fiscal policies and procedures, and post-audit financial transaction management.

Find your Area Accountant

The Campus Controller’s Office has undertaken structural changes since April 2018 to better serve the campus community. We are working with departments to make it easier to know who to contact in CCO. The successful area accountant model has been expanded so it will now encompass all funds. At the same time, we are working within CCO to streamline the number of people who reach out to a single department from within CCO. The goal of this approach is to optimize resources and increase client satisfaction and service to the campus across all funds. This restructuring focuses on serving:

  • CU Boulder faculty, staff and administration; and
  • external agencies who provide funding for sponsored research.

Our goal is to reduce institutional financial risk through:

  • timely oversight of expenditures in all funds;
  • support for departmental review of sponsored projects expenses for allowability on a timely and routine basis, and therefore a more efficient closeout of sponsored research awards; and
  • more consistent information and service to departments.