Published: March 1, 2019

A new m-Fin ICR Split Report was created to provide departments the ICR Split in/out info at the sponsored project level. The eRA ICR Split report no longer keeps track of the up-to-date ICR Split data.

Access the New Report

Each department can run this user-friendly report at any time, using different options such as Organization, Project ID, Speedtype, Award, or PI, etc. The report is available on the PeopleSoft Financial System. To access the report, log in to MyCUInfo and select the CU Resources tab (if applicable). Then click CU-Data >Team Content >Finance >Project Reports >m-Fin ICR SPLIT. 

Grandfathered Information

Note that the financial system does not maintain a zero ICR Split to a project nor an ICR Split share at the project/activity ID level. If your department had an ICR Split share at the project/activity ID level in FY2017 and/or FY2018, the ICR Split information is granted and grandfathered in carry-forward to the annual DA-ICR calculation until the end of project/activity ID life cycle. The list of ICR Split Project/Activity ID information that is grandfathered in can be found in the Quick Links section on the CCO website.

Project Department Screen

The data source of projects’ ICR Split info was converted from InfoEd to the PeopleSoft Financial system recently. To view the information, go to CU Resources > Finance >Main Menu >Grant >Awards >Project (then enter a Project ID) >Project Department tab.  Any new ICR Split info since July 2018 will be entered in the Project Department screen in March 2019. 

Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) Split Request

An Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) Split Request-DocuSign form is available on the Office of Contracts and Grants Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) Split webpage for departments to provide any new ICR Split information on an ongoing basis. 

The following conditions do not require a signed ICR Split Request Form for a new project:

  1. an existing standing ICR Split with MOUs that applies to the project; 
  2. a signed ICR Split Request form already provided at its associated Proposal ID level; or
  3. a signed ICR Split Request form already provided at its associated Award level.  

If you need further information, please send email or Tzuyea Yu at