Published: May 31, 2016

Joshua Firestone joins CCO as a new Grant Accountant. His core focus will be on DOE, FAA, OEDIT and misc. sponsors. Get to know him a little better in our brief interview below:

Please tell us about your prior professional experience and what brought you to CCO?

Well, there was a time before CU, but I consider that mostly my years of exploring different opportunities. I came to CU in July of 2012 as an Accounting Tech in the Arts & Sciences Financial Services Center. After some time there, I moved to the Philosophy department in January 2014 and became their Office Manager. I made this move because I wanted more experience working with and managing department budgets, as well as being a supervisor to help develop and hone my abilities as a leader.

What do you view as the greatest opportunity within this new role with CU-Boulder?

For me, the greatest opportunity presented by this new role is the chance to learn more about the research funding aspects of CU. So far I’ve really only worked with general, gift and auxiliary funds. I’m also excited by the chance to grow professionally within the CCO.
What best practices would you share with CU-Boulder departments or fiscal administrators?

Monthly reconciliation!! In my time with both the FSC and Philosophy I found that staying on top of the books by conducting monthly reconciliations made my FYE so much easier. Don’t let deficits linger in your SpeedTypes. Address issues as they come up and you will save yourself a lot of time at FYE.

On a personal note, what do you enjoy doing outside of CCO?

My favorite thing to do outside of work is to play soccer. I currently play on three leagues in Boulder, managing two of the teams. In the summer I really enjoy hiking and just being outdoors as much as possible. And in the winter, my roommate and I like to get away for a surfing trip when we can. Additionally, I enjoy playing music, reading, playing chess and spending time with my friends.