Published: Dec. 29, 2015

Jiao Hemphill joined the Campus Controller’s Office as our Effort and Compliance Accountant. We asked about her prior employment experience, what she has enjoyed most from each opportunity and what she likes to do outside of CCO. Get to know her a little better in our brief interview below:

Q. Would you please tell us about your prior experience?

A. Since starting pursuing my accounting degree, I have always wanted to work in a large organization as part of a team. After receiving my accounting degree at the University of Wyoming I worked for an environmental resource consulting firm as a general accountant. This position gave me the necessary experience and foundation to apply for and receive my CPA license in Wyoming. Given the declining energy market, I moved to a newly created position at the University of Wyoming (UW) organizing and managing grants in the College of Arts and Sciences. At UW, I gained valuable experience and insight into the accounting practices and procedures of educational institutions and in particular the attributes of grant management. 

Q:  What do you find most interesting in your current work as CCO’s Effort and Compliance Accountant?

A:  My new position on the CCO team has presented me with opportunities to take on new challenges and explore new areas in terms of accounting regulations and compliance, customer service and problem solving in a team environment. I can work in a team as well as work individually. But focusing on working in a team is probably one of the most important and interesting aspects of my new position, especially in terms of working together to develop procedures that improve efficiency and accuracy. While it is important to streamline procedures and practices, developing these practices as a team will be one of the most important challenges that I look forward to working on.  

Q:  What do you view as the greatest opportunity in this new role?

A: Besides learning the complexities and nuances of grant accounting, accounting regulations, and accounting procedures, two of the most important opportunities I see here at CU are being able to work as a team and to simplify and communicate complex accounting procedures to others in the university community.    

Q:  What best practices would you share with Departments?

A: The best practices I will share with other departments is adopt the ability to keep an open mind, a positive attitude, flexibility, integrity and the ability to work well with others. Maintaining a harmonious work environment is contingent on not just trying to keep everyone happy, but on setting goals and working together to obtain those goals.

Q:  On a personal note, what do you enjoy doing outside of CCO?

A:  Outside of the workplace, I keep busy biking, hiking, camping, going to plays, concerts, movies, and theaters, cooking, playing tennis, playing the piano and working in my flower garden. I also enjoy spending time with friends especially when it involves one of the above activities. I have discovered that one of the greatest benefits and joys of living and working in the Rocky Mountain region is the number of outdoor activities available to the people who live here. I look forward to exploring more of this area and being involved in new activities available in this region.