Published: Nov. 30, 2015

Officers and exempt professional employees may engage in outside consulting or outside services. If they do engage in these activities and payment is made by the outside organization, to whom does the payment go—the university or the employee?

The answer is available in Regent Policy 3-C. OUTSIDE CONSULTING AND SERVICE ON EXTERNAL BOARDS:

“Officers and exempt professional employees (collectively referred to as “OEP’s”) may be asked to provide consulting services to external organizations or to serve on boards of external organizations (collectively referred to as “Outside Services”). This policy sets forth the conditions under which OEP’s may engage in Outside Services that may affect the university or the OEP’s university employment responsibilities.


1. All Outside Services that occur during an OEP’s normal working hours, for which no vacation leave is taken, are subject to approval by the OEP’s supervising authority. Supervising authorities may authorize such Outside Services as long as such services advance the interest of the university and do not unduly conflict with the employee’s university employment responsibilities.

2. Consistent with state fiscal rules on honoraria, any compensation received for Outside Services occurring during the OEP’s normal working hours must be remitted to the university unless the OEP is on authorized vacation or unpaid leave.
3. OEP’s providing Outside Services for organizations that do business with the university shall disclose their involvement with the external organization to their supervising authority for appropriate conflict of interest considerations under Board and university policy.

4. OEP’s who receive compensation or other remuneration from an external organization for Outside Services shall not make or influence university decisions with respect to any business relations and decisions that involve the external organization.


The following additional conditions are set forth for officers engaged in Outside Services:

1. Outside Services may not unduly conflict with the officer’s university employment responsibilities, regardless of when they occur.

2. Outside Services for which compensation is received is permitted only if: the Outside Services are requested because of the individual merit, expertise, and experience of the university officer; and the Outside Services are disclosed to and are subject to the approval of the individual with personnel action authority as described in Policy 2-K.”

Last Amended: June 2, 2004