An ePER is an Electronic Personnel Effort Report. These are certified online through the Effort Certification System (ePERs). Effort is defined as the amount of time spent by an employee on a particular activity during a certain period of time, expressed as a percentage of the total time worked by the employee during that same period. Certifying ePER is the process of verifying/confirming the work performed (e.g., effort). Read more about the CU Boulder ePERs Policy

ePERs Required Online Training (System)

In this online CU System course, you will learn about the importance of effort reporting, accessing and certifying your ePER, and new ePER features and procedures. This course is required for every faculty member and staff employee working on a sponsored project.

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ePERs In-Person Training (Boulder)

ePERs is an online system used for certification of the effort a Principal Investigators (PIs), other faculty, staff or graduate students worked on a sponsored project. 

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