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American Arbitration Association (AAA):

This opening page is confusing, but one part of this site is quite useful. It is the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators which were approved by the AAA, the American Bar Association, and by the Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution. These standards can be found at\LIVESITE\Rules_Procedures\Ethics_Standards\standard.html.

Victim Offender Mediation Association (VOMA):

Most victim offender mediation is transformative in nature, and several parts of this site are useful and informative. Especially interesting are the full-text articles by Marty Price, "Comparing Victim Offender Mediation Program Models" and by Margaret Herrman "On Walking the Walk."

Conflict Transformation Program site:

This site gives considerable information about Eastern Mennonite's Conflict Transformation Program, which is the program John Paul Lederach is associated with.

Search For Common Ground:

Much of Search for Common Ground's work is transformative in nature; however, the materials presented here by the Network for Life and Choice are especially interesting.

Mediation Offices of Steven Rosenberg

Steven Rosenberg is a mediator who is participating on the Training Design Consultation Project who utilizes a transformative approach to mediation.

Mediation Information and Resource Center

This site contains a wealth of information about mediation in general.

The Conflict Research Consortium, University of Colorado

The Consortium's main home page. The Consortium's database of conflict related web sites can be found at