OTPIC Officially Retired

As of December 2, 2005, the Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict (OTPIC) has been officially retired, and is no longer open to new registrations.

The successor to OTPIC is a course called Dealing Constructively with Intractable Conflicts (DCIC). The new curriculum is built around one of our major projects, Beyond Intractability, and offers a much more extensive and informative set of learning materials than that available through OTPIC.

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Exchange Strategies

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Kenneth Boulding argued that power had three "faces" or forms--threat, exchange, and what he called love. (We call the third form of power the power of the integrative system.)  Exchange power is the power you get through cooperation--by giving something to another person or group, they will give something back to you.   Negotiation is one way of implementing exchange, though exchange often happens in a much less formal way as well.  The section on exchange lists a variety of approaches that can be taken to initiate trades, and things that can be done when the initial efforts do not seem to work. 

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