OTPIC Officially Retired

As of December 2, 2005, the Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict (OTPIC) has been officially retired, and is no longer open to new registrations.

The successor to OTPIC is a course called Dealing Constructively with Intractable Conflicts (DCIC). The new curriculum is built around one of our major projects, Beyond Intractability, and offers a much more extensive and informative set of learning materials than that available through OTPIC.

Legal Power   

Political institutions deal primarily with broad policy questions. They are not intended to deal with the large number of disputes which inevitably arise over the implementation of broad political policies and, especially, the enforcement of laws enacted by the political process. For dealing with these day-to-day conflicts, virtually all societies have enacted establish some type of legal or judicial system whose judgments are backed up by the power of the police. In addition to the enforcement of political decisions, the legal system also provides a mechanism for resolving the many civil disputes which arise between individual citizens.

Different societies organize their legal institutions in very different ways. For example, legal systems in current use include those based upon English Common Law, religious law, or traditional approaches in which community elders are responsible for arranging just settlements.

In most societies, extensive legal institutions have developed which employ substantial resources and large numbers of skilled people who receive extensive training in professional schools. While further discussion of legal systems is beyond the scope of this training program, we do include the following links to Web accessible resources on the subject.

Links to Outside Sources of Information:

COUNSEL QUEST - Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

This is a search engine for web resources, news and articles, studies and education relating to ADR and the law in the U.S. and in selected sites around the world.    It   includes information on archaic laws, attorneys and law firms, codes and statues, constitutions, courts and opinions, employment resources, Federal resources, and legal systems other countries.

International Trade Law;
This page contains a Subject Index, ITL Treaties, Conventions, Law and other trade and law information.

HGI Alternate Dispute Resolution

All current areas of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) are covered in this site.   This is a comprehensive legal site that includes directories on law related organizations, databases, practice areas, discussion groups, business guides, seminars, news, library, employment, law study, meetings, journals and government.

UNCITRAL  (UN Commission on International Trade Laws)
This offers extensive resources on its page including the background of the Commission, texts that have been developed by the Commission, case law related to the texts, the current status of its conventions and model laws, and documents from the Commission and its working groups.  The page is also available in French and Spanish.

Emory Law Library Electronic Reference Desk on non-U.S. Law
This site has extensive legal information on many different countries around the world.

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