NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR DISPUTE RESOLUTION VIRTUAL RESOURCE CENTER - This site contains information found in NIDR's General Information Packet, as well as updated conference and training sessions, the Spectrum, CREnet, and AFM catalogues, and a NIDR staff directory
United Nations Home Page - UN homepage links to general information about the UN including the UN mission history, programs, publications, data bases, news, conferences, and events.  The amount of full text data about UN activities and concerns is extensive.

Search For Common Ground Online - This web site contains information on finding common ground between people. Program activities both domestically and internationally are described.
The Education for Building Peace program was launched in
January 1995 with a ten-day workshop  which marked the first
time that Arabs, Israelis, Turks, and Iranians came together to
deal exclusively with education and the need for "peace" studies
as a regional issue. The resulting program is described here.
Division of Peace Psychology  This website offers you the opportunity to join the Division of Peace Psychology and also states all of its offerings to members as well as some other links.
PsySR Home Page
The purpose of PsySR is to use psychological knowledge
to build a peaceful world. PsySR draws on the research,
knowledge, and practice of psychology to advocate for and build
durable peace at the community, national, and international
The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution
The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution is intended
as a resource for students, teachers and practitioners in fields
relating to the reduction and elimination of conflict. It desires to
be a free, yet valuable source of information to aid anyone
trying to work toward a less violent and more cooperative world.
The Alternative Newsletter
This website provides information on ADR documents, Current ADR issues, as well as training programs in ADR. They review ADR and related literature and offer job listings and conference information as well.
Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR)
The Web page lists current SPIDR publications, activities, chapter location and leaders and general information about SPIDR.
International Society and Resource Management Symposium 1998
The International Symposium on Society and Resource Management is an international conference concerning the social, economic and cultural dimensions of natural resource issues.
Partnerships Against Violence
Pavnet is a "virtual library" of information about violence and youth-at-risk, representing data from seven different U.S. Federal agencies.

The Institute for Environmental Negotiation
This organization was established to make mediation and consensus building services available to governments, citizen organizations and businesses dealing with conflicts and complex policy choices related to land use and the natural and built environments.
Alternatives to Violence Project (A.V.P.)
This is a listing of land mail and telephone numbers, international and regional contacts.
This is an organization of individuals and of college and university academic programs for the study of peace, conflict, justice and global security.
Designing Effective Action Alerts for the Internet
This provides instruction in creating action alerts, which is a message that someone sends out to the net asking for a specific action to be taken on a current political issue.
A NETrageous Way To Get Free Publicity, Advertising, and Media Press Releases.
This site is dedicated to helping you get free publicity for your product, service, cause or issue.
Publishing Guidelines
Contracting for, or preparing documents for print and electronic distribution: preliminary standards and guidelines.
The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution
This journal is intended as a resource for students, teachers and practitioners in fields relating to the reduction and elimination of conflict.
Victim Offender Mediation Association
Victim offender mediation and reconciliation programs involve a face-to-face meeting, in the presence of a trained mediator, between an individual who has been victimized by a crime and the perpetrator of that crime.

The Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity is a joint initiative of the University of Ulster and the United Nations University.  The internet service is a central resource on the internet for those in the area of conflict resolution and ethnic conflict.  It is intended to serve not only academic researchers but also policy-makers and practitioners.
Academy of Family Mediators
Members of the AFM provide mediation services to families facing decisions involving separation, divorce or marital dissolution, child custody, parenting, visitation, property division, wills and estates, elder care, spouse support or alimony, child support, family business, pre-nuptial agreements, and other disputes.

Public Involvement Network Library
This Professional Library is  stocked with a large online collection of reports on public involvement in policy and decision making processes.
VORP (Victim Offender Reconciliation Program) Newsletters
This contains an updated list of newsletters, each of which contain an article by Ron Claassen and a case story.

National Association For Community Mediation
The NACM is a membership organization comprised of community mediation centers, their staff and volunteer mediators and other individuals and organizations interested in the community mediation movement.

Camara Boletin de Derecho -- A Mediation Law Journal in Lima, Peru
This site is in both Spanish and English.  Esta Boletin esta en espanol y ingles.   It is put together by the students and graduates of the Law School of University of San Martin de Porres, Peru.
Peace and Conflict
This site offers directories of academic peace and conflict studies programs and research institutes around the world, information about course syllabi and programs, and a bibliography of peace and conflict books.

ADR and Mediation Resources
This site contains substantial on-line materials on alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

This is the leading French page on dispute resolution. 

COUNSEL QUEST - Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
This is a search engine for web resources, news and articles, studies and education relating to ADR and the law in the U.S. and in selected sites around the world.    It   includes information on archaic laws, attorneys and law firms, codes and statues, constitutions, courts and opinions, employment resources, Federal resources, and legal systems other countries.

April 1998 ADRonline Monthly
This newsletter is intended to link technology and ADR technique.

HGI Alternate Dispute Resolution
All current areas of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) are covered in this site.   This is a comprehensive legal site that includes directories on law related organizations, databases, practice areas, discussion groups, business guides, seminars, news, library, employment, law study, meetings, journals and government.

Section of Dispute Resolution - American Bar Association
The section of Dispute Resolution, established in 1993 is one of the ABA's newest and fastest growing Sections with over 6,300 members.  The Section's objectives include maintaining the ABA's national leadership role in the dispute resolution field; providing information and technical assistance to members, legislators, government departments and the general public on all aspects of dispute resolution; studying existing methods for the prompt and effective resolution of disputes; adapting current legal procedures to accommodate court-annexed and court-directed dispute resolution processes; activating state and local bar involvement, conducting public and professional education programs and conducting programs of research.

TFF, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
This organization expresses a vision and is an experiment in applied peace research and global networking.  They see conflict-resolution as science, art and politics in one.

UNCITRAL  (UN Commission on International Trade Laws)
This offers extensive resources on its page including the background of the Commission, texts that have been developed by the Commission, case law related to the texts, the current status of its conventions and model laws, and documents from the Commission and its working groups.  The page is also available in French and Spanish.

TG15 Home Page
This group is studying construction disputes all around the world.  The major thrust of its work is currently the collection of a set of national monographs describing practice and procedure in member countries.

Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) Information and Resource Center
Its mission is to bring restorative justice reform to our criminal justice system, empowering victims, offenders and communities to heal the effects of crime and curb recidivism, offering our society more effective and humanistic alternatives to the growing outcry for more prisons and more punishment. This site has a number of full text articles on victim-offender reconciliation.

American Intellectual Property Law Association
This site contains information regarding the use of ADR to resolve disputes over intellectual property--patents, trademarks, copyrights, and similar issues.
U.S.-México Conflict Resolution Center
The US-Mexico Conflict Resolution Center's mission is to provide education, training and services in the area of private commercial dispute resolution for entities engaged in trade between the US and Mexico.  These pages are offered in both Spanish and English.
The Carter Center
The Carter Center in Atlanta, GA is a non-profit, nonpartisan public policy institute founded by Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn in 1982.  The Center is dedicated to fighting disease, hunger, poverty, conflict and oppression through collaborative initiatives in the areas of democratization and development, global health, and urban revitalization. The site has a small amount of full-text information about their activities, with more reports available by mail.

Their mission is to evaluate and make recommendations as to how alternative dispute resolution should be used to provide a just, prompt, and economical means of resolving disputes over access to health care treatment, and coverage, in the private health plan/managed-care environment in the U.S.  Their interim report is available here.
The National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution
People who travel from all over the world to participate in this bi-annual conference on conflict resolution. As of June 1998, this site had not been updated for a year, but information about the June 1999 conference should be appearing soon.

CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
The CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution is a leading nonprofit initiative of global corporations, law firms and law teachers to develop new uses of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for business and public disputes.

CIArb Home Page
This is the leading center for the administration of domestic and international commercial arbitration in the United Kingdom and has branches in much of the rest of the world.   Their website provides a history of the organization and an excellent introduction to the nature of the arbitration process, as well as detailed information about the organization and the training and services which it offers.

Permanent Court of Arbitration
The Permanent Court of Arbitration, located at the Hague in Holland, is the oldest institution for the settlement of disputes between States and disputes between States and private parties.  Its services include good offices and mediation, commissions of inquiry, conciliation, and arbitration.

IGC: ConflictNet
This is a network of people who are concerned about conflict and conflict resolution.   It promotes dialogue and sharing of information to encourage appropriate dispute resolution; highlights the work of practitioners and organizations; and is a proving ground for ideas and proposals across the range of disciplines within the conflict resolution field.

International Association for Public Participation Library
The International Association for Public Participation maintains a professional library.

Better Business Bureau Dispute Resolution Services
The Better Business Bureaus act as a neutral third party to help consumers and business resolve marketplace disputes.
Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario Inc.
This is a nonprofit organization for arbitrators and mediators in Ontario.  It is affiliated with the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Canada (AMIC), which is the national organization.
Center For Medical Ethics and Mediation
The Center is an educational association dedicated to providing quality training, research, consultations and mediations for healthcare professionals and organizations.   The focus of our mission is to enhance skill development in conflict resolution and ethical decision-making in today's diverse and rapidly changing healthcare environment.
National Academy of Arbitrators Homepage
The NAA is a nonprofit professional and honorary organization of arbitrators.
Online Ombuds Office
This service was designed to meet the need of online resources for dispute resolution and to create an opportunity to develop a richer set of online dispute resolution tools.   The office is through the Center for Information Technology and the Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts.
Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
HKIAC is a nonprofit making company limited by guarantee.  It operates under a Council composed of business and professional people of many different nationalities and with a wide diversity of skills and experience.
Singapore International Arbitration Centre
This is a one-stop information kiosk for Arbitration news and events, questions and answers and working pages for lawyers.
The Danish Institute of Arbitration
The object of the Institute is to promote arbitration and to appoint and administer arbitration tribunals.
AustLII Search
This is a search engine for the Australian Legal Information Institute.
International Negotiation Journal
This journal develops interdisciplinary theories and models of negotiation process and how meaningful outcomes can be achieved.  Abstracts, of the articles, but not the full text, is available online.
Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
This journal is a student-edited publication of the Ohio State University College of Law.   It is the official journal of the American Bar Association's Section of Dispute Resolution. Abstracts of articles, not full text, is available online.

Journal of Mediation, Conciliation and Conflict Resolution
This journal publishes papers of theoretical and empirical importance relating to mediation, conciliation and other conflict resolution mechanisms that promote peace at all levels of human existence.

Department of Dispute Resolution Home Page
for the NOVA Southeastern University Department of Dispute Resolution offers a resource section which includes frequently updated lists of campus mediation programs and Inter-Mediacon, (en español) --a program for the development of dispute resolution in Latin America
Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies
This Center offers graduate education in conflict management and peacemaking leading to the MA degree or graduate certificate.  They also offer intervention and consulting services. Their website contains several full text articles on restorative justice and forgiveness from a Christian perspective.
Focal Points - Alternative Dispute Resolution
This is the Emory Law Library's Electronic Reference Desk. It has U.S. documents relating to law, mediation, and arbitration, as well as legal information for a large number of foreign countries.
Institute for Dispute Resolution
The IDR at the University of Victoria is an interdisciplinary centre focused on effective resolution and alternative dispute resolution theory and practice. A special focus of the Institute is intercultural dispute resolution.  Abstracts of available publications are given at this site, but full text is not available online.

ICRC home page
The International Conflict Resolution Centre was established by the University of Melbourne.  The aim is to study the theory and practice of non-violent conflict resolution, with a particular focus on cultural aspects of conflict resolution strategies in the Asia Pacific Region. This site has information about this program, but little full-text material.

New Zealand Institute for Dispute Resolution (The Institute)
This Institute was established within the Faculty of Law at Victoria University of Wellington.  It exists to promote the study and practice of dispute resolution and the comparative, empirical and theoretical study of conflict and its resolution, in both domestic and international contexts. The site has a few very useful full text papers in the archives section.

This is a Spanish-speaking site that brings together dispute resolvers in Latin America. - La mediación en Argentina y el Mercosur
This is a Spanish language site focusing on mediation in Argentina and the Mercosur countries.

Corporación de Asistencia Judicial - Región VALPARAISO
This site is in English, Spanish, German and French.
Camera di Commercio di Treviso. Curia Mercatorum
This Italian language site offers mediation and other services in Treviso, Italy.
La mediation independante au service de l'economie
This is a French language site offering commercial dispute resolution services.
Camara Boletin de Derecho -- A Mediation Law Journal in Lima, Peru
This is a Spanish and English law journal that deals with dispute resolution topics.
United States Institute of Peace Highlights
The USIP library has links to more than 40 foreign ministries and more than 140 international relations research centers.  In addition the full USIP site has

Mediation and Conflict Resolution
This is a publication of the Mennonite Central Committee.
The European Conference of Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution's page is sponsored by the Umut Foundation and its members work toward peacebuilding, peacemaking, the constructive resolution, management, transformation and prevention of conflict.
The US Arbitration and Mediation Midwest, Inc is a leader in offering innovative, effective methods to help resolve disputes.  They are impartial administrators, and not legal representative for any side of a dispute.  Established rules and procedures are followed to ensure fair and uniform treatment for all involved.
DiploNet Home Page
This is a network that focuses on the needs of diplomats in the post cold-war period.   Topics include conflict management and resolution, peacemaking and multilateral diplomacy.
The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
The mission of this organization is to promote a systems approach to peacebuilding and to facilitate the transformation of deep-rooted ethnic conflicts.
Dispute Resolution Information Service / Willamette University
This pages holds information on current work in the field, conferences, calls for papers and an Ombuds service.
International Trade Law
This page contains a Subject Index, ITL Treaties, Conventions, Law and other trade and law information.
Home Page of UNCITRAL
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law home page provides general information, schedules of meeting and how to order documents.  It is offered in English, French and Spanish.
Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution
The SPIDR's mission is to identify and serve the professional needs of the everyone practicing in the environmental/public dispute resolution field, to organize and develop discipline in the practice of environmental dispute resolution, to establish communication among others in the field and to create/identify joint tasks that mobilize and effectively involve volunteers and generate financial resources.
Arbitration & Mediation Institute
This is the group for the Saskatchewan region and is a service designed to provide the public with means of solving disputes of all kinds through arbitration, mediation and other methods.
Mediation, Legal Reform, Law Essays, and Wichita Falls, Texas Attorneys and Lawyers.
The Union Square contains substantial on-line materials for alternative dispute resolution and mediation.
Dispute Prevention and Resolution - DPR4ADR
DPR is a full service ADR firm
Industrial Mediation and Arbitration Assoc. Inc.
This group specializes in the adjustment of arrears on commercial, bank loans real estate loans, industrial accounts payable, IRS commercial and personal tax liabilities.
This company helps people and corporations find insurance products and risk management tools to protect assets.
Divorce Mediation, Divorce Self Help - Divorce Without War (TM) Divorce Mediation Services
There are over one million divorce cases filed annually in this country.  Many of them are expensive and destructive battles that could have been avoided.
Dubravko Kakarigi
A personal home page.
This is a a page on Utexas's special course offerings on Gandhi.
Mediation Essays, Mediation Guidelines and Web Page Hosting for Mediators
CAIN (Conflict Archive on the Internet) Project: front web page
The Northern Ireland Conflict.
Mediation Links & Mediation Site Link List
Division of Peace Psychology
Florida Mediation Group, Mediation and Arbitration Services State Wide
TMSA Home Page
Arizona Ombudsman-Citizens' Aide
International Negotiations Pty Ltd
Southern Poverty Law Center
Nizkor: a Response to Holocaust Denial
Best Practices Toolkit
Designing Effective Action Alerts for the Internet
ONE/Northwest: Online Networking for the Environment
Coyote Communications Tips for Not-for-Profit & Public Sector Orgs
Welcome to
Communication Skills Institute: Words of Business
A NETrageous Way To Get Free Publicity, Advertising, and Media Press Releases.
Technology and Software News - This site contains information on how nonprofit organizations are making use of the internet.
Tech News Index - This site talks about how a nonprofit organization can make great use out of the web and other new computer technology
RadioNation Archives - This site allows you to listen to the news of any week. It also highlights nonprofit organizations on the web.
Online giving - This is the first article in a series on the increase in Web interest and how things will be effected in the future
Build relationships; then raise money - This is another article in a series that explains how you need to build relationships then think about fundraising
Performance-driven Web Sites This is the third in a series of columns about the use of the World Wide Web by nonprofit organizations
Fundraising Math and the Web This is the fourth in a series of columns about the use of the World Wide Web by nonprofit organizations.
Fundraising On-line - How to use the Internet as a fundraising tool.
Internet Prospector Reference Desk - Nonprofit Prospect Research -  The  Prospector is published by a network of volunteers across America who mine the Internet for prospect research nuggets. Our   audience is primarily the non-profit fundraiser.But any information miner seeking tool for accessing  corporate, foundation, biographical, international  and online news sources will find our HOME on the Range worth exploring
NCNA Publications A directory of NCNA members and guide to their programs, services, and special projects
Partnership for Technology-enhanced Learning Seminar This talk will begin on dangerous ground with a discussion of the nature and meaning of knowledge and learning, and the appropriate use of tools to assist the learning process.
What is CNCR?
Mark Shepard's Peace Page Welcome! On this page you'll find much of Mark's writing on Mahatma Gandhi, nonviolence, and simple living, along with information on his books.
NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR DISPUTE RESOLUTION VIRTUAL RESOURCE CENTER NIDR is a national center of expertise and resources on consensus-building and conflict resolution.
The Web Networks Community - The MSN is a Canadian network that promotes solidarity with groups organizing in maquiladora factories and export processing zones in Asia and the Americas.The MSN's brand-new WWWsite presents ample information on current   campaign.
INCORE: Ethnic Conflict Research Digest
The Ethnic Conflict Research Digest publishes peer reviews of recently published books, journal articles and research papers on the dynamics and management of ethnic conflict. It aims to aid the dissemination of new research and facilitate information-sharing in a rapidly growing academic field.
law.listserv.dispute-res - list of articles on conflict resolution which you can sort through by date or topic.You have the option too of having a list of new articles emailed to you daily on this site.
UNSCO UNSCO is the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator in the Occupied Territories,
Rex Brynen - Research Coordinator Research Interests: Peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction; Arab-Israeli peace process (with special emphasis on development assistance and refugees); security and development in the Middle East; authoritarianism and democratization in the Arab world; "virtual diplomacy" (international relations and the internet).
Consulting & Conciliation Service Homepage
Consulting & Conciliation Service (CCS), a not-for-profit consultancy, serves communities through intervention and guidance. CCS dedicates a whole-system approach to all situations.
Telematics in Africa: a Bibliography of On-line References The objective of this On-line library is to give instant access to hundreds of references concerning the Internet, telematics and networking activities, communication and information technologies concerning the African   Continent.
Campus Mediation Resources This site is dedicated to supporting the development of mediation and conflict resolution services at colleges and universities.
Metaphors and Mediation
This site contains mediation articles, mediator resources, information and how to locate a mediator
THE NONVIOLENCE WEB: A Guide to the Contemporary Peace Movement     The Nonviolence Web designs and hosts dozens of group's websites, has thousands of pages full of great info, and sees over fourteen thousand visitors a month
INCORE: About INCORE  The INCORE Internet Service is a central resource on the internet for those in the area of conflict resolution and ethnic conflict. It is intended to serve not only academic researchers but also policy-makers and practitioners.
Cultural Anthropology Program  The Cultural Anthropology Program promotes basic scientific research on the causes and consequences of human social and cultural variation. The program solicits research proposals of theoretical importance in all substantive and theoretical subfields within the discipline of Cultural Anthropology.
American Arbitration Association Home Page
This is a site by the AAA for general information purposes. The organization was founded to promote arbitration and all forms of alternative dispute resolution and is not a government entity.
Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution
This is an international membership association committed to the advancement of the highest standards of ethics and practice for dispute resolvers.
Welcome to Search for Common Ground Online
Founded in 1982 in Washington, DC, Search for Common Ground is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to transforming conflict into cooperative action.
United Nations Home Page
The UN homepage includes sections on Peace and Security, International Law, Humanitarian Affairs, Human Rights and Economic and Social Development.
American Friends Service Committee
This is a Quaker organization which includes people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace and humanitarian service.  Its work is based on the Quaker belief in the worth of every person and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice.
Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research
This institute is the life and work of Josei Toda, that second president of Soka Gakkai.   It is dedicated to the the pursuit of peace through peaceful means and a complete abolition of war.
Educational Services
The American Arbitration Association provides educational services to both its members and to the public through three educational vehicles.
This is a service to help locate mediators.
This is an online source for the Arab World in the Middle East and North Africa.
Arabic News .com Front Page for Arab News
This is an online newspaper that deals with the Arab World.
ArabNet -- Iraq, Magic Carpet
This a search engine that contains many links to other sources of information on the Arab World.
homepage cover with embedded tables on extend.htm template
This is the Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations, it contains documents such as statements from Ambassador Nizar Hamdoon, the latest speeches by HE President Saddam Hussein, the Text of the Memorandum of Understanding between the UN and Iraq and much more in news and information.
BBC Online - Help Pages - Troubleshooting
This contains connections to the BBC Homepage, Site Maps, Services and more in-depth information on the BBC.
CNN - Inspecting Iraq - 1998
This site features an interactive format of CNN reports on Iraq news.
Aamer Abu-Qarn's Home Page
This is a source of Arabic News and other information and links to the Arab World.
Home Page
This is a search engine for information on the Arab world  that includes the Middle East and North Africa.
Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series / Iraq
This is a country study of Iraq, which includes profiles of many aspect of culture, history and geography.
Contemporary conflicts: Iraq (Iraq-United States)
This is a source on recent conflicts in Iraq, put together by the Canadian Armed Forces.
Frontline: The Gulf War
This is a Frontline Report on the Gulf War, the contents include maps, weapons and technology, a chronology appendix, producers note, tapes and transcripts and feedback.
Operation Desert Storm Debriefing Book
This contains updates and information on Desert Storm activities.
Yahoo! AltaVista Search Result
This connects to information on the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916.
US State Department - Regions - Top of the News
This page includes news from the US State Department along with information on regional news and policy.
DefenseLINK - Official Web Site of U.S. Dept of Defense
This is a series of links to US Defense organizations, it contains news, publications and info on all the US Armed Forces.
The Iraq Foundation Home Page
This foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working for democracy and human rights in Iraq, and for a better international understanding of Iraq's potential as a contributor to political stability and economic progress in the Middle East.
Iraqi National Congress
This is a site that contains news about the current situation in Iraq and information about the democratic Iraqi opposition.
Kurdistan Web (Kurdish News, Information and Documents Database) - Latest News
This contains search tools and news information.
Relief Web search results
This is a search engine for relief information.
International Action Center Homepage
The IAC was initiated to expose the US bombing of innocent Iraqi civilians and the massive destruction of Iraqi infrastructure.
This site contains the press releases for the IAC organization.
Iraq Action Coalition
This group is dedicated to ending the war against Iraq.
The Gulf War of 1991 Sanctions and Iraq
This provides background and information pertaining to the conflict in Iraq.
This is Voices in the Wilderness: A Campaign to Break the Immoral Sanctions Against the People of Iraq.
Iraq Statements, Articles, Op-Eds
These are news releases pertaining to the activities in Iraq.
This site contains press releases, action alerts and other written documents that relate to events in Iraq.
Newspaper Column
This is the Iraq Action Network's page of links.
Institute for Global Communications--Welcome!
The IGC works to expand and inspire movements for peace, economic and social justice, human rights and environmental sustainability using the internet as a tool.
PeaceLink - Home Page
This is an Italian peace organization
S.C. Council for Conflict Resolution
This is a site for the South Carolina Council for Conflict Resolution.
Freedom, Democide, War: Home Page
The purpose of this web site is to make available theory, work, results and data that empirically and historically support the conclusion that freedom saved millions of lives from war, collective violence and democide (genocide and mass murder).
What is CNCR?
The Home Page for the Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and Georgia State University College of Law.
CSCW and the Web: Proceedings -
For the proceedings we have asked the authors of presented papers and more substantial position papers to update their articles, based upon the discussions at the workshop. These proceedings are available on-line and on paper with identical contents.

Day without Violence
The Peace Studies Association calls upon students, faculty and staff at colleges and universities around the world to celebrate a day without violence.  This event is designed by the Sociology department at the University of Texas, Austin.
Peace Friends Home Page
This is a series of links put together by "Peaceguy," who supports "any person or group who is trying to create a peaceful world."  The main title is the "Give Peace a Chance Project."
Central Atlantic Environmental Directory
This is the Central Atlantic Environmental directory, which allows you to do word and title searches for records.
Great Lakes Environmental Directory
This directory allows you to do word and title searches for records.
Harbinger File Environmental Directory
This directory allows you to do word and title searches for records.
Hawaii Environmental Directory
This directory allows you to do word and title searches for records.
New England Environmental Directory
This directory allows you to do word and title searches for records.
Northwest Environmental Directory
This directory allows you to do word and title searches for records.
Rocky Mountain Environmental Directory
This directory allows you to do word and title searches for records.
Southeast Environmental Directory
This directory allows you to do word and title searches for records.
Southern Plains Environmental Directory
This directory allows you to do word and title searches for records.

The Knowledge Basket - Te kete o te wänanga
The Waitangi Tribunal Division operates under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 and is part of the Department for Courts.

Securities Arbitration Center
This page focuses on the arbitration of disputes relating to investment practices in U.S. financial markets.
The Securities Law Home Page
This Web Site is designed to provide information to the Internet community regarding the law as it relates to the United States financial markets, and those who participate in those markets-stock brokers and investors.
Brokerarb | The Resource for Securities Arbitration, Stockbroker Disputes, and Wall Street Shenanigans
This site contains information about the securities industry and the arbitration process.   Inside, are tools and instructions on how to recover money that's been lost or stolen.

Corporate Partnering
The CPI is a US think-tank dedicated to the use of partnering to generate growth and competitive advantage.
Arbitration mediation and copyright law for telecommunication s and IT
TACR, Technical Arbitration and Conflict Resolution is an organization that promotes creative conflict management and resolution.
Massachusetts Council of Family Mediation Referral List
This is a nonprofit, professional organization of family mediators in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
This is a national center of expertise and resources on consensus-building and conflict resolution.

UNC Public Dispute Resolution Program
The Resource Center consists of several collections through the UNC-CH Library system, special collections at the School of Law and Institute of Government, and a network of faculty, staff and students doing teaching and research in dispute resolution.
NASD Regulation
This is a resource for investors and the Securities Industry.

Mediation and Mediators - interMediator
Mediation Kit and Consultations has all resources to put your disputes into mediation.   This is an online mediation service.
Nominet UK Dispute Resolution Service
Nominet will assist the parties by providing the following services: investigation, formal action under the rules and the Nominet Alternative  Dispute Resolution Service.

Hamline University School of Law
This is the homepage for the university, which contains information on it's libraries, admission procedures, abroad programs, etc.
A.A. White Dispute Resolution Institute
The program at the University of Houston works to foster public awareness and understanding of conflicts and conflict resolution and the impact of interpersonal disputes on society.
Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Rutgers University
This site has information about the CNCR program.
The Institute for Study of Alternative Dispute Resolution has a two fold purpose--to conduct cutting edge research in the field of alternative dispute resolution and to provide professional training for mediators, facilitators and other dispute resolvers.
Cornell PERC/ICR
The mission of this organization is to educate practitioners, users, teachers and students of the field of conflict resolution through the following endeavors, research, collection and dissemination of information, public and private assistance, graduate and undergraduate curriculum development, and training programs.
Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
This institute at George Mason University offers the Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Science degrees in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.
Institute for Dispute Resolution
The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution was established at the Pepperdine University School of Law to meet the demands of the changing legal environment of dispute resolution.