Relationship Between This Program and

Other Types of Conflict Training


This program is not intended to replace other forms of conflict management training.   Rather it is intended to supplement other training programs and provide training and consulting to people who cannot get it in other ways.  Although online training has some clear disadvantages when compared to face-to-face training (loss of interpersonal interaction is the most important), it also has some advantages that face to face training lacks.  This system is always available; it is far less expensive than face to face training (and can be used for free if credit is not desired), and it provides more information about theory and alternative approaches to problems than most other training programs do. In addition, it provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and approaches with people around the world.  Although it will take some time to implement, we hope to link users together in discussions which will span the globe.  If you are interested in participating in such a discussion, please let us know by clicking on our e-mail address at the bottom of this page.  As soon as we have enough responses to set up a discussion, we will get one going. 


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