Third Party Roles       

Although much of the material in this training program is useful for disputants acting on their own, we do recognize that the people who are likely to use this resource first are third parties.  As a third party, you can use this material in a large variety of ways.  First, the material should give you a good understanding of how intractable conflicts are different from more tractable conflicts.  This should make clear why techniques that work in one instance do not work in another.  Second, you can use the material provided to analyze what it is about the conflict(s) you are involved in that are making them so difficult to deal with.  By going through the list of common conflict problems, you should be able to identify what core factors are involved, whether these kinds of core issues tend to lead to intractable conflicts, or not, and what can be done to address these issues constructively, even if they cannot be resolved.  In addition, you can identify complicating factors that are making the conflict more destructive than necessary, and then use your own knowledge--with or without our suggestions--regarding approaches for minimizing or limiting these complicating factors.

In addition to using these materials yourself, we hope you will tell the disputants you are working with about this site, so that they can use it to.  If you have suggestions about how we can make this site better or more useful to you, please contact us by clicking on the e-mail address below.

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