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As of December 2, 2005, the Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict (OTPIC) has been officially retired, and is no longer open to new registrations.

The successor to OTPIC is a course called Dealing Constructively with Intractable Conflicts (DCIC). The new curriculum is built around one of our major projects, Beyond Intractability, and offers a much more extensive and informative set of learning materials than that available through OTPIC.

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Prejudice and Discrimination

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Prejudice and discrimination are negative manifestations of integrative power. Instead of bringing or holding people together, prejudice and discrimination push them apart. Ironically, even prejudice and discrimination imply some sort of relationship, however. If there is no relationship people would be completely unaware of another person's or group's existence. When there is any relationship at all--even a negative one--there is some integration. Kenneth Boulding referred to this as "disintegrative power"-"the integration that is achieved through hatred, fear, and the threat of a common enemy." (Boulding, 1989, p. 62.) This is seen in military patriotism, in nationalism, and in any situation of "negative identity" in which one group defines itself in terms of what it is not. This tends to lead into a "pathological situation of internal violence, often perpetuated through the family itself." While this is especially obvious and destructive when it occurs on a large scale--as it did in the Balkans, Somalia, Sri Lanka, or the Middle East--it also occurs on smaller scales as well, when one group holds negative stereotypes of another group and discriminates against members of that group based on those stereotypes.


Links to Examples of Prejudice and Discrimination Problems:

Bringing Croats and Muslims Together
This article briefly discusses the problem of prejudice and discrimination in the Croat-Muslim Federation and describes Centers for Ethnic Reconciliation which were established in Bosnia.
Bruce Hemmer -- Bottom-up Peace Building in Bosnia
This article also discusses prejudice and discrimination in Bosnia and an effort to overcome those problems.
John Lampen -- Prejudice Reduction Workshops in Ireland
Article discusses the problem of prejudice and describes a prejudice reduction workshop in Ireland.


Links to Outside Sources of Information on Prejudice and Discrimination Problems:

The 'Confusion' of Civilizations -- David Little
This article discusses the impact of culture and nationalism on ethnic and religious intolerance.
Serbian Nationalism and the Origins of the Yugoslav Crisis

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