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To subscribe to the following listserves sent your message to the first of the two listed e-mail addresses. Live the subject blank. In the body of your e-mail message type: subscribe "name of the listserve" "your name." For example:

subscribe peace burgess

1. Peace,, --Listserve generates discussions among faculty, students and scholars working and interested in the field of peace studies and research and conflict management. One of the best listserves in the field.

2. World System Network,, --Listserve generates discussions among scholars that are interested in the study and understanding of the modern world-system and earlier intersocietal networks. The homepage of the World-System Electronic Conference Network ( contains information about WSN and access to the mail archive.

3. REVS, Racial-Religious-Ethno-Nationalist Violence Studies,, --The list seems inactive.

4. ISAF, International Studies Association Foreign Policy Section,, --The listserve generates discussions around issues of international relations as well as international conflicts and related problems. The archive is located at

5. SPIDR-SCTR-envpol, --The list seems inactive.

6. Starting Point Web Notification Service,

7. CMDNET-L, Conflict Management Division List, , c--The list is mainly used for advertising purposes of conferences, training programs and etc.

8. ETH-NET, Ethnic Conflict,, --The list seems inactive.

9. Resolve-l,, --The list seems inactive.

10. CRSPIRIT, Conflict Resolution and Spiritual Concerns,, --The list seems inactive.

11. Quaker-P (peace),, --List generates discussions around issues of peace and social justice, provides information about conflicts all over the world, especially Isreali-Palestinian conflict.

12. Salaam-v-Shalom, Arabs and Jews seeking peace,, --The list generates a lot of messages. It provides forum for discussions of the relations between two nations.

13. Gubbio-l, Franciscan Peace and Justice List,, --The list seems inactive.

14. CGP-Talk, Committee for Global Peace list,, --The list seems inactive.

15. CGP-News list, Committee for Global Peace News,, --The list seems inactive.

16. Prison Fellowship International Restorative Justice Discussion Group,, --List generates discussions around issues related to a restorative justice and criminal justice arena.

17. UNCJIN-L, United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network,, --The list generates discussions of international criminal justice issues.

18. Disarm-D, Disarmament Discussion Monthly Digest,, --The list seemed inactive.

19., --The list provides information about new web sites every day (September-June)

20. DEOS-R, the Distance Education Online Research listserve,, --The listserve provides a forum for scholarly discussions on distance education research.

21. DEOS-L, The Distance Education Online Symposium,, --DEOS consists of DEOSNEWS and DEOS-L. DEOSNEWS is a biweekly, international, electronic journal on distance education. DEOS-L is an international discussion forum on distance education, established to facilitate discussions of the issues presented in DEOSNEWS, as well as other issues of interest to distance educators.

22. Virtual Diplomacy List sponsored by the United States Institute for Peace

23. Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory -- subscribe roci



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