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Most, but not all, "Knowledge Base" components of the Consortium website have now been moved over to CRInfo, a conflict resolution "super site" housed with the Consortium and funded by the Hewlett Foundation. (See righthand column.)  Also, see Knowledge Base below, for additional projects.

The Intractable Conflict Knowledge Base (ICKB)
Funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the purpose of the Intractable Conflict Knowledge Base project is to assemble, on the World-Wide Web, the peace and conflict resolution field's cumulative body of knowledge on the nature of difficult and intractable conflicts, as well as strategies for reducing their often terrible costs. With a focus on conflict problems which lie at the frontier of the field, the project is systematically documenting strategies for understanding and dealing with issues such as abortion, homosexual rights, globalization, the Israeli-Palestinian problem, and deep ecology -- conflicts which stubbornly resist resolution, even when the best available techniques are applied.

Other Intractable Conflict Research

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Intractable conflicts stubbornly defy the best available conflict resolution strategies. The Consortium pursues a variety of projects designed to help people deal with these difficult conflicts more constructively:

International Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict a major, new, full-text program with approximately 1000 pages of material.

Civil Rights Mediator Oral History Project The Project consists of sixteen extensively indexed oral history interview transcripts with more than a 1000 pages of material.

Other Resources
Destructive Confrontations | Constructive Confrontation Theoretical Framework | Environmental Consensus | Civility | | Justice Without Violence | More Papers

Online Training

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International Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict (OTPIC) A major, new, full-text program with approximately 1000 pages of material.

Conflict Management and Social Systems An online, for-credit University course. Primary Site  | Backup Site

Transformative Approaches to Conflict A full-text resource program on the Transformative Approach.

Environmental Conflict

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Environmental Framing Consortium The homepage of a seven University study of framing theory and intractable environmental conflicts.

Environment/Population Growth Conflicts **NEW** A web site for people involved in population growth conflicts

Colorado Center for Environmental Problem Solving While somewhat old and out of date this site still provides a lot of useful information including searchable summaries of a large number of environmental policy related books.  Older Archive Site

Knowledge Base

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Encyclopedia of Conflict Resolution This Encyclopedia, by Heidi Burgess and Guy Burgess, provides a widely-accessible overview of the field.

Book and Article Summaries Short, searchable  summaries of hundreds of conflict, peace, and environmental problem-solving books.

Consortium Working Paper Archive Access the Consortium's online collection of working papers.

Issue Pages Links to the latest information on more than 20, instructive, high profile conflicts.

CRInfo The Conflict Resolution Information Source,

ICKB The Intractable Conflict Knowledge Base,

Bibliographic Searching First try CRInfo print resources. Also available are older archive resources: Bibliography search and Information Exchange

Other Resources

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Civil Rights Mediator Oral History Project This Project consists of sixteen extensively indexed oral history interview transcripts with more than a 1000 pages of material.

The Guide to Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Researchers From Christopher Honeyman's Theory to Practice project, the Guide provides links to sources of advice from leading scholars and practitioners.

The Persistent Activitist The Persistent Activitist reports on an investigation of the factors underlying the commitment of long-term peace activists. Also include is access to the Interview Guide.


The Conflict Resolution Information Source

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Plain English search of citations (names, keywords, descriptions, etc.) in CRInfo's web, print, and organizational resource catalogs.

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A nested, keyword-based directory of CRInfo resources modeled after the original Yahoo design. Click on one of the general topics below to receive a more detailed list of available categories.

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Today's News

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CRInfo provides more than 150 links to compilations of the latest news as well as older features on conflict resolution-related topics from online newspapers and journals. These pages, which are based upon preconfigured searches of our own system and the Moreover, FindArticles, and WorldNews systems, offer stories organized by the type of conflict, conflict resolution process used, and geographic area.

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Special versions of CRInfo focused upon the conflict resolution field's major sub-fields and user groups.

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Special Projects

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In addition to its resource databases, catalogs, and search engines, CRInfo is also providing support for special projects that use information technologies and CRInfo resources to make the field's knowledge base more accessible.

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