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Encyclopedia of Conflict Resolution

By: Heidi Burgess and Guy M. Burgess

In the past 20 years, conflict resolution -which includes negotiation, mediation, and arbitration- has grown rapidly as a scholarly and professional field. More and more people are finding that these techniques provide an efficient and cost-effective means of settling personal, organizational, business, community, and international disputes.

Here, for the first time, in the Encyclopedia of Conflict Resolution, field specialists Heidi Burgess and Guy M. Burgess define "conflict resolution" broadly, covering both long-running, deep rooted conflicts such as the abortion rights issue and short-term, negotiable disputes such as those between seller and consumer. Because conflicts abound in our personal, organizational, business, community, and international lives, this unique resource is a valuable tool for a wide variety of users.

This encyclopedia presents all the concepts, techniques, information, and resources, vital to this important field. Also included are events, people, organizations, training and academic programs. It will be a useful reference work for students, parents, teachers, and business people, as well as mediators and other conflict resolution professionals.

Sociologists Heidi Burgess and Guy M. Burgess are co-coordinators of the Conflict Research Consortium at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and specialists in the resolution of intractable conflict.

350 pages

November 1997 --  ISBN 0-87436-839-1

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