March's Monthly Brown Bag Series will feature a presentation by Dr. Mark Meaney from the Leeds School of Business’ Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) covering one of the seven essential components of any effective Ethics & Compliance Program - Internal Monitoring & Self-Assessment.  

CESR exists to prepare future leaders to confront social, environmental, economic, and ethical challenges faced by modern business.  The center has four focus areas, one of which is Business Ethics.  Dr. Meaney as Executive Director of CESR possesses more than twenty years of experience in the ethics and compliance profession.  His experiences cover a wide array of industries including a substantial focus on higher education ethics and compliance programs. 

In his presentation, Mark will share best practices for internal monitoring and self-assessments as well as share the purpose of these elements in an effective Ethics & Compliance program.  Essential tools will be provided to assist attendees in monitoring and assessing their compliance program.  Attendees will gain valuable insight on applicability to key focus areas of student data privacy, children’s programs and intellectual property as it relates to internal monitoring.  During the hour session, case study discussions will provide opportunities to dive deeper into the principles explained in Mark’s presentation.  Ample time for audience Q&A will exist during and following the presentation.