January’s Monthly Brown Bag Series will feature a presentation by Pamela Rosse from the Research & Innovation Office focusing on the subject of Conflicts of Interest. 

The University of Colorado Boulder encourages and supports efforts by its researchers to partner with industry, commercialize inventions developed at the University, and entrepreneurship, however such undertakings carry with them the potential for actual or perceived conflicts of interest.  Common concerns include intentional and unintentional research bias that favors a commercial enterprise; diversion of time, talent, ideas from university sponsored research; diversion from a student’s intended academic course; misuse of university resources, and the like. 

In her presentation, Pam will review specifics of what creates conflicts of interest for members of our research community at all levels, as well as share context around why the topic matters to the University.  A review of past cases at CU will highlight various circumstances creating investigations, details on how investigations are managed, and elaborate on typical outcomes following an investigation.  Attendees will gain insight about best practices to prevent and mitigate conflicts of interest in research.  During the hour session, ample time will be provided for audience Q&A.