Please use this form to submit information regarding your Children's Program.  Children are defined as under age 18.  Only one form per organization is needed.  

General Program Information
Please indicate the name of the Children's Program
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Estimated # of Participants
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Timing and Location Information
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Other Program Information
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Protection Policy Protocols
Protocols and guidelines for children's programs at CU Boulder. Please answer the questions to ensure you're following an effective compliance program.
Emergencies could be severe weather, missing campers, emergency on campus, etc.
These policies for staff and volunteers who will be interacting with youth must address issues such as prohibited contact and require that the staff/volunteer agreement with the university includes an acknowledgement of the application of such policies.
This should address expected minor participants behavior and establish grounds for ejecting campers. It should also prohibit alcohol and controlled substances.
Training protocols should be established for counselors, faculty, coaches, staff and volunteers running the camp.
Camps should have appropriate ratios of adults to minors based on ages and needs of the minors.
A protocol should be in place for handling minors with legally prescribed medications or medical devices.
All recruitment of future students must be in compliance with university admission policies and NCAA rules.
Transportation of participating minors, including in the case of overnight camps, transportation to and from residence halls needs to be considered.