Published: Dec. 22, 2016

Bob Craig, Professor Emeritus, published an article, “Pragmatist realism in communication theory,” in Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication, 7(2), 115-128. doi: 0.1386/ejpc.7.2.115_1, 2016. He also presented a keynote lecture entitled “For a Practical Discipline” in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Departamento de Estudios de la Comunicación Social, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico, on November 16; and a past lecture, “Communication as a Practical Discipline: Engaging Theory with Practice,” which was presented at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow in 2015, has been published in Russian translation in 2016 in the journal, Communications, Media, Design, 1(1), 153-161. The English version appears in a book published by the Higher School of Economics, Communication as a discipline and as a field in the modern world: A dialogue of perspectives (pp. 59-72).

Bob Craig. Professor Emeritus, is co-editor with Klaus Bruhn Jensen of The International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell, 4 volumes, print and online; The Encyclopedia includes about 300 entries, including these written by members of our department:

  • Bob Craig, Professor Emeritus: “Metacommunication,” “Theory and Practice,” and “Traditions of Communication Theory.”
  • Jerry Hauser, Professor Emeritus: Public Sphere” and “Rhetorical Theory.”
  • Pete Simonson, Professor, “Communication History,” “Cooley, Charles H.,” and “Merton, Robert K.”
  • Bryan Taylor, Professor, and Ricardo Munoz, PhD student: “Experience,” and “Meaning,” and with Pete Simonson: “Expression.”
  • Cindy White, Associate Professor: “Interpersonal Interaction.”

 Joelle Cruz, Assistant Professor, and a coauthor (A. Currier) had their article, “The politics of preemption: Mobilization against LGBT rights in Liberia” accepted for publication in Social Movement Studies.

Danielle Edwards, undergraduate student, received the department’s Academic Leadership Award. This award is given at graduation to the student who brings to the classroom exceptionally rich life experiences and valuable perspectives that lead the class to learn and grow in ways that might not be possible without them. The contributions that this student makes raises the level of class discussions, increases the quality of assignments, and enhances the awareness of the application of course concepts to our world.

Elizabeth Eger, PhD student, accepted a job offer at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She will be a tenure-track assistant professor in organizational communication, beginning Fall 2017.

Larry Frey, Professor, was appointed as a Research Fellow in the Hugh Downs School of Communication at Arizona State University. This is a position that runs through June 2017. He presented two talks in October at this university. The first one was presented at The Transformation Project, the Hardt-Nickachos Peace Studies Endowment, Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict, and the Hugh Downs School; it was titled, Takin’ it to the streets and the seats: Promoting social justice through communication activism research and teaching. The second talk at the Hugh Downs School was titled “Graduate Students Open Discussion Forum on Communication Activism.” In addition, Larry presented “Embodying communication activism for social justice research: Making a more socially just world through research” at the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) Institute for Personal and Social Evolution Learning Exchange, Oracle, AZ. Finally, Larry and Nicole Castro, a recent MA graduate, published a chapter, “The inner researcher: Researchers’ emotions and identities” in A. Kurylo (Ed.), Negotiating group identity in the research process: Are you in or are you out? (pp. 143–167), by Lexington Books.

Constance Gordon, PhD Student, will present her paper, “Cooking for Water Protectors: Food and Resurgence at Standing Rock” at the Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Graduate Student Research Showcase. She also recently presented the following papers: “Radical Renters and Evicted Tenants: Articulating Belonging, History, and Home in the Era of Airbnb” at the 2016 American Studies Association Annual Meeting in Denver, CO and “Place-Based Transgressions and Community Controlled Ecology from Oakland to Philadelphia” at the 2016 Urban Communication Foundation Preconference in Philadelphia, PA

Sara Hernandez, undergraduate student, received the department’s Civic Engagement Award at the winter graduation. The Civic Engagement Award is designed to recognize a student whose involvement in the university or Boulder community has contributed to improving the community. Many students volunteer with campus and community organizations during their college careers; this award recognizes a student who has exhibited sustained involvement in activities that make life better on campus or in our communities.

Matt Koschmann, Associate Professor, along with three colleagues in the College of Engineering College, published a journal article, “Inter-organizational resource coordination in post-disaster infrastructure recovery,” in Construction Management and Economics, 34(13), 1-18., 2016.

Tiara Na’puti, Assistant Professor, and her co-author Michael Lujan Bevacqua were recognized by the American Studies Association (ASA) with a finalist mention for the Constance Rourke Prize for the best article published in American Quarterly. Their article is "Militarization and Resistance from Guåhan: Protecting and Defending Pågat.” American Quarterly 67, no. 3 (2015): 837-858.

Jessica Weed, undergraduate student, received the department’s Academic Achievement Award. This award is presented each semester to a graduating senior with a high Communication and overall GPA and at least two recommendations from faculty that comment on the student’s communication skills, intellectual curiosity, analytical capabilities, and academic creativity.