Congratulations on your graduation! While this past semester hasn’t worked out in the way we envisioned, it is time to celebrate your accomplishments as a graduating Buff.

How to set up a Zoom watch party of the livestreamed Commencement 2021 event

  1. Sometime before the Commencement 2021 Livestream, create a Zoom invitation and send the link to all your friends and family.
  2. When you are all virtually together in the Zoom room, choose one person to open up their browser and go to
  3. This person should click on the Commencement 2021 Livestream button to start the online event.
  4. In the Zoom room, click “Share Screen” and share your browser screen with all your family and friends. 
  5. Make sure your shared screen has the Commencement 2021 webpage shown so all can see the event within the Zoom room.
  6. Celebrate your hard-earned achievement. Add #ForeverBuffs to your celebration photos on social.