David M. Prescott | Winter 1999

On Learning, Wisdom and the Game of Pinball David M. Prescott - Distinguished Professor and CU President’s Teaching Scholar of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Greetings to all of you receiving formal ceremonial recognition of your substantial intellectual achievements, and to your parents, relatives and friends. This is both a... Read more »

Thomas R. Chech | Spring 1998

Vital Contradictions Commencement-I’ve always appreciated the choice of this word for the graduation ceremony. Here you are, busily reflecting on how far you’ve come, on all that you’ve accomplished (or, at least endured), and the word “commencement” serves as a reminder that you’re about to begin to use your education... Read more »

Hazel E. Barnes | Summer 1998

During the thirty-three years that I taught here at the University of Colorado, I learned many things from my students. I have sometimes wondered just what I tried to teach them. I instructed them in subject matter–Greek and Latin, literature, philosophy, general humanities. But it has often been said that... Read more »