Jane Menken | Winter 2002

It is a special honor and a great privilege to be here with you today. I’m relatively new to Colorado, having arrived only five years ago, escaping hot and muggy summers and cold and dreary winters of the East. The first year, as I walked across this beautiful campus, I... Read more »

Jim Collins | Spring 2001

Good is the Enemy of Great Thank you, Chancellor. First, I would like to offer my congratulations to the graduates and to your families. I would also like to congratulate the faculty for doing yet another superb job of infecting these young people with the sheer love of learning and... Read more »

Patricia Limerick | Summer 2001

It is a great honor to be here on this fine day, and to have the occasion to congratulate you for the hard work and dedication that delivered you to this day of celebration and fresh starts. The privilege of being associated with the name Hazel Barnes is a great... Read more »

Richard McIntosh | Winter 2001

This is an exciting day. My most important message is to congratulate you who are graduating on what you have achieved. My next most important message is to congratulate you who have stood by these degree candidates, be you parents, spouses, or friends, and helped this day happen. Days like... Read more »

George D. Nelson | Spring 2000

To Catch a Little Stardust. President Buechner, Chancellor Byyny, distinguished faculty and guests, proud parents — and especially the University of Colorado graduating class of 2000. It is an honor for me to represent my fellow CU astronauts and an honor to address the first CU class of the millennium... Read more »

M. Scott Carpenter | Spring 2000

Distinguished Faculty, Faculty Advisors, Contributors, Proud Parents, Ladies and Gentlemen, but most importantly, Class of 2000. You are the reason we are all here. I stand close to mid-span in a long line of Colorado university product. My Grandfather graduated here in 1886. My father and mother and her four... Read more »

John Fielder | Summer 2000

The Value of Outdoor Living I would like to thank Chancellor Byyny for inviting me to speak to you this lovely Colorado Saturday morning. I would also like to extend my congratulations to you students graduating CU today, as well as to your families and friends, and to the outstanding... Read more »

Richard McCray | Winter 2000

Congrats to Parents Richard McCray - George Gamow Distinguished Professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences This occasion makes me remember my own commencement, some 40 years ago. I don’t remember the commencement address at all. But I do remember that my parents enjoyed it. This ceremony may be more important... Read more »

Dennis Van Gerven | Spring 1999

Life and the Sockeye Salmon I am fascinated by sockeye salmon. In the prime of their lives they become compelled to swim up great rives from the sea where their bodies are smashed by rocks and torrents of rushing water. They swim and swim and swim and all they get... Read more »

David Hawkins | Summer 1999

I want to thank Chancellor Byyny for choosing me as your commencement speaker. And on this fine morning I wish first of all to congratulate you on the successful completion -or occasionally perhaps the successful avoidance, of your academic duties. Commencements come every year; but this one, and the others... Read more »