Steve Ells | Spring 2011

Thank you, Chancellor DiStefano for that introduction. And thank you to the senior class council for asking me to be here today. President Benson, friends and family, and most of all – to the class of 2011 – congratulations! As I was preparing to talk to you today, I started... Read more »

Harvey Segur | Winter 2011

I want to begin by congratulating all of the students who are graduating today: Congratulations – you made it! And to the families and friends of these rightfully proud graduates: Congratulations – you also made it. I’m confident that this has been a group effort for many of you. As... Read more »

John Wood | Spring 2010

Good morning graduates! Good morning parents! You are one step closer to financial freedom today. That is huge. I am honored to be here today. When the invitation showed up from the Senior Class Committee, I was incredibly excited. Today I am a little disappointed. The Senior Class Committee promised... Read more »

Juri Toomre | Winter 2010

“Be Nimble and Be Bold in the Flat World” Graduates, proud parents and friends – greetings! From the time CU was started 134 years ago in 1876, it has grown into a nationally-ranked powerhouse in teaching and research. You are now becoming esteemed buffalo alumni, so greetings indeed. Just 100... Read more »

John Roberts | Spring 2009

Graduations are solemn and serious ceremonies. I was told that in no way do we want clapping, or whistling, or cheering, or any outward displays of celebration to mark the end of a long and hard fought battle to earn your undergrad or graduate degree. But I’ve never been one... Read more »

Tom Check | Winter 2009

Go Out and Teach! Congratulations, graduates! You should be especially proud of yourselves today, do you know why? Because you are part of a new revolution, and the University of Colorado is leading this revolution. What revolution, you ask? No, I’m not talking about the switch from Styrofoam to paper... Read more »

Jeanne Jackson | Spring 2008

Good morning, It’s a great pleasure to be here this morning, thank you Senior Class Council for the great honor of asking me to share this day with you! It was 34 years ago that I sat on the lawn where you are …. Actually, I think …somewhere there in... Read more »

Professor John Falconer | Winter 2008

Thank you Chancellor Peterson. I feel very honored to be here. I want to congratulate everyone graduating today. To those chemical engineers who had to take my thermodynamics course, don’t worry, I will only talk for 6 minutes, and I will not mention thermodynamics again. I will just make two... Read more »

Hale Irwin | Spring 2007

Thank you for the opportunity to be with you today. I am honored and proud to be a part of your graduation ceremonies. When I was invited to be your commencement speaker I was flattered, yet honestly, I was somewhat perplexed as to what message I could deliver to you... Read more »

Margaret A. Tolbert | Winter 2007

Thank you Chancellor Peterson! Distinguished members of the platform party, fellow professors, and especially honored graduates and their families and friends: It is a great pleasure and honor for me to be here with you today to celebrate the achievements of the class of 2007! During your time at CU,... Read more »