Dawn Davis Loring (MDance) has co-written a textbook titled Dance Appreciation that was published by Human Kinetics in January 2021.

Posted Mar. 4, 2021

Julia DeSimone Campbell (Jour) was selected as one of Adweek’s 2021 Creative 100 along with the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Amanda Gorman and Bryce Dallas Howard. She has recently built and led the Branded Content Project, an industry resource for local media companies that helps them create new revenue streams through content marketing.

Posted Nov. 5, 2021

After graduating summa cum laude, Michael Kester (Phil) went to Harvard Law School, worked as a Wall Street financial analyst and was co-president of a leadership consulting firm. Last year, he launched Lead Belay, an affordable “peer-based leadership experience” for millennials. With Lead Belay, Michael hopes to help young workers recognize and develop their own personal leadership styles. 

Posted Nov. 5, 2021

Nicole Kingham (CommDisor) was selected to join the 2021 board of directors of the American Academy of Audiology. Nicole earned her master’s degree in audiology at the University of Washington. She currently works with practice development groups to help implement audiology assistants or technicians into private practice audiology and medical ear, nose and throat clinics. Nicole has developed an audiology assistant training program that is used in many clinics around the United States.

Posted Nov. 5, 2021


In May, David Collins (Mktg’96) took the role of chief marketing officer for Store Space, a corporation that operates self-storage facilities across the nation. Prior, David served as vice president and head of marketing for Public Storage. 

Posted Nov. 6, 2023