For more than 45 years, Douglas Kimmel (Psych) has been a champion for the LGBTQ community. He received a lifetime achievement award from political advocacy non-profit EqualityMaine for his distinguished service as a psychologist working with the LGBTQ community. Doug lives with his husband in Hancock, Maine, where they were legally married in 2013, on their 44th anniversary. In 1969, the couple had a wedding ceremony in Boulder at the United Protestant Center. 


Posted Sep. 1, 2018

To document the lives and stories of African Americans throughout Colorado history, Clementine Pigford Washington (CommDisor) has been working on a self-publishing project that she hopes to finish in 2021. 

Posted Mar. 4, 2021

Engineer Jim Wagoner (ElEngr) wrote this summer, hoping to connect with other CU graduates to see how they are doing. Email us at to connect with Jim. 

Posted Nov. 5, 2021

John Quicker’s (Anth’65; PhDSoc’70) book, Before Crips: Fussin’, Cussin’, and Discussin’ among South Los Angeles Juvenile Gangs, was published by Temple University Press. Kirkus Reviews wrote that it is “a compelling sociological examination of the pre-1970 Los Angeles ‘street groups’ that improbably spawned the Crips and Bloods,” and is a “gripping urban history.” John is a professor emeritus of sociology at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Posted Nov. 7, 2022