Denver resident Pat Hill Pascoe (Engl’57) served in the Colorado Senate for 12 years. She published a biography of the first woman state senator in Colorado, Helen Ring Robinson: Colorado Senator and Suffragist (University Press of Colorado) in November. For more information see

Posted Dec. 1, 2011

Engineer and architect Theodore “Ted” Gertsch (Arch ex’57) was awarded a distinguished engineer certificate by the University of Wyoming’s College of Engineering and Applied Science. He worked as a full-time instructor for four years and as an adjunct professor for three years in the department of civil and architectural engineering at the University of Wyoming. He cofounded Gertsch/Baker and Associates in Laramie where he has been actively involved for 36 years. He lives in Cheyenne, Wyo., with his longtime friend Sharon, and they are the proud grandparents of four.

Posted Sep. 1, 2012

One of five authors of 100 Years Up High: Colorado Mountains and Mountaineers (Colorado Mountain Club Press) Janet Neuhoff Robertson (A&S’57) is a writer and photographer whose best-known book is Magnificent Mountain Women: Adventures in the Colorado Rockies (University of Nebraska Press). In April she and her co-authors, including James Fell (MHist’72, PhD’75), gave a presentation and held a book signing at the Boulder Public Library. She lives in Boulder.

Posted Dec. 1, 2012

At the United States Air Force Mission Assurance Team David Geyer (ElEngr’57) works full time developing risk assessments associated with vehicles used by the USAF/NRO to launch such payloads of national interest as the Atlas V and Delta IV. David has worked as a rocket scientist for 56 years and hopes to continue this work in the future. He has been interested in rockets since he was six years old. David and his wife live in Carlsbad, Calif.

Posted Dec. 1, 2013

Last summer Johnson Books of Boulder released Ann Cornwall Westerberg’s (A&S’57) book Colorado Ghost Tours. Ann and her husband live in Littleton, Colo., where she is a longtime court advocate and writer.

Posted Mar. 1, 2014

Gordon D. Thayer (EngrPhys’57) published a paper in Progress in Physics, a peer-reviewed journal, called “A New Model of Black Hole Formation” in October 2013. He also has three 2014 titles for sale as trade paperbacks on The Mind of Christ, which was co-authored with his late wife; His Grandson’s Tales to Beelzebub; and The Nutter Chronicles. In 1968, Gordon authored a chapter on radar visual cases for the Condon Report, a CU-based study of evidence concerning UFOs. He lives in Sarasota, Fla.

Posted Sep. 1, 2014

The National Federation of Press Women named Barbara “Bobbi” Hillman Gigone (Jour) the 2015 Communicator of Achievement winner during its national conference in Anchorage, Alaska. Bobbi is a longtime supporter of CU’s host parent program for international students, and most recently hosted a female student from Iran. Bobbi was the first regular female news reporter at the Boulder Daily Camera and first public information officer for Boulder County.

Posted Dec. 1, 2015

David W. Geyer (ElEngr) has moved to Santa Fe, N.M., from Carlsbad, Calif. He is still working in support of the United States Air Force Mission Assurance Team and performing independent risk assessments on rocket launches of national interest. He enjoys Santa Fe, where he lives just five minutes north of the plaza downtown.

Posted Jun. 1, 2017

After serving as an officer in the U.S. Navy, George “Geoie” S. Writer Jr. (Fin) returned to Denver and founded The Writer Corporation, a home building company. He’s built more than 12,000 homes across the Front Range, and in 1978 was the youngest honoree as National Builder of the Year by Professional Builder magazine. George received the Alumni Association’s 2017 George Norlin Award over Homecoming Weekend, which recognizes alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their chosen field. Geoie has five children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Posted Dec. 1, 2017

Jim Turner’s (Law) book Selma and the Liuzzo Murder Trials, published by the University of Michigan Press, was re-leased in 2018. It details Jim’s first assignment in civil rights law, the murder of Viola Liuzzo outside of Selma, Ala., after the 1965 March to Montgomery. Jim, who lives in Washington, D.C., served as deputy assistant attorney general for 25 years under seven consecutive U.S. presidents. 

Posted Feb. 21, 2018

Thomas J. O’Brien (Bus) and Sharon O’Brien (Jour’58) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on March 29. They met at CU Boulder, married in California and have five sons. "How ’bout them apples!?" said Thomas. The couple lives in Fontana, Wisc., on Lake Geneva, southwest of Milwaukee. 

Posted Jun. 1, 2018

Joe Bonem (ChemEngr) has more than 50 years of experience in the chemical engineering industry. He published his third book, The Chemical Projects Scale Up: How to Go from Laboratory to Commercial, which explores the engineering aspects of scale up and is based on Joe’s experience working with large companies such as ExxonMobil. His previous two books focused on how to use chemical engineering to solve problems in industrial plants. He resides in New Braunfels, Texas, with his wife, Diane Robinson. The couple has one son and two grand- sons — both of whom have chemical engineering degrees.

Posted Nov. 30, 2018

CU English professor emeritus Paul Levitt (Phil; MHist’61) and late alum S. Sue McMillan (A&S’51) co-authored the book Yana: A Historical Novel, which was released in 2020. While working at CU, Paul wrote plays for the BBC, authored more than 20 books and published nearly 50 articles. Paul was also responsible for the restoration of the reputation of Morris Judd, a former CU philosophy instructor who was fired in the early 1950s for his refusal to answer FBI questions about communist affiliations. 

Posted Mar. 4, 2021

Beginning in May, 78 collages of artist Jean Conner (MFA’57) were featured at the San José Museum of Art in her first solo show, “Jean Conner: Collage.” The exhibition opened one week before her 89th birthday. The collages date from 1967 to 2021 and will be on display through the end of September. Jean lives in San Francisco.

Posted Jun. 21, 2022