The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society awarded Stuart Parsons (Psych’48) the 2011 Arnold M. Small President’s Distinguished Service Award at an annual meeting in Las Vegas. He is a retired engineering manager from Lockheed Martin, taught at six universities and served as a consultant for the power industry and numerous law firms. He lives in Saratoga, Calif.

Posted Mar. 1, 2012

After graduating from CU, rocket scientist Bob Waldo (Aero’48, MS’49) worked on F86s at North American Aviation in Englewood, Calif. He then worked at Aerojet, an aerospace company in Los Angeles. Bob has a doctorate and two master’s degrees in economics and business. He served as dean at the business school at the University of Puget Sound for 29 years. Bob last designed a boat, SES100A, for the Navy and tested it in Puget Sound. He and his wife live in Tacoma, Wash.

Posted Sep. 1, 2013

Former University of Hawaii at Maānoa plant breeder and corn expert James Brewbaker (DistSt’48) received the Crop Science Society of America Presidential Award, recognizing outstanding contributions to crop science through education, national and international service and research. James developed new varieties of crops for improved nutrition, yields and pest and disease resistance. He played a key role in developing the seed corn industry as the state’s most valuable agricultural crop. James lives in Kailua, Hawaii.

Posted Mar. 1, 2014

Four kids and 11 grandkids joined James Brewbaker (DistSt) for a family reunion on their ranch north of Boulder in July. James retired July 1, 2015, after more than 53 years at the University of Hawaii. He plans to continue to write research as an emeritus professor. James was the founder of Hawaii’s seed industry in the 1960s, which is now Hawaii’s biggest agriculture industry.

Posted Sep. 1, 2015

This year Dorothy Doll Jorgens (A&S) was honored by the mayor of Thousand Oaks, Calif., in recognition of her 90th birthday. Dorothy has spent many years in service, including providing childcare for her three grandchildren, volunteering in charitable gift shops and lunchrooms and serving as a teacher’s aide. In May 2009, she was a contestant in the Ms. Senior Conejo Valley pageant and shared some of her crafts and paintings. Dorothy is an active member of her church and has served as a deacon. She enjoys playing bridge Friday mornings with friends at the local community center.

Posted Jun. 1, 2016

Bonnie Forsberg Bentson (IntDes) wrote a collection of her memories called My Life Story. Bonnie lived in London for 15 years from 1954 to 1969 and adopted four children with her then husband. When she returned to Denver, Bonnie worked for a nationwide travel club. Bonnie has lived in Grand Junction, Colo., for about 25 years.

Posted Sep. 1, 2017

CU Regent Emeritus Hugh Fowler (Mgmt) received the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award in Advocacy from the Colorado League of Charter Schools. Hugh, 93, writes that most of his classmates and Navy shipmates have passed away. In the ’60s and ’70s, Hugh hosted three CU Navy alumni reunions with his late twin brother and “computer science wizard” Parker Fowler (Mgmt; MS’55).

Posted Jun. 3, 2019

M. Ben Harris (Acct’48) celebrated his 100th birthday on July 8. After graduating from Montrose High School, Harris served more than three years in World War II before returning home to earn a degree at CU, where he was a collegiate swimmer. Afterwards, he began his career as a banker. He and Jerry Hyink married in 1952 and celebrated 53 years together before her death in 2006. They have two children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Today, Ben lives independently in Montrose, Colorado.

Posted Nov. 7, 2022