Feedback: Spring 2024

March 4, 2024

Casa Bonita, automatic cars and nostalgic memories.

Self driving cars illustration

Is the World Ready for Self-Driving Cars?

Nov. 6, 2023

Autonomous vehicles are hitting the road in cities across the U.S. Can they be trusted? CU Boulder researchers and alumni weigh in.

Hannah Purvis art

(Art)ificial Intelligence

Nov. 6, 2023

Some CU MFA students embrace AI programs in their work. Some stay far away.

Maria Kuntz

Editor's Note: Fall 2023

Nov. 6, 2023

In an age of technological advances, progress still hinges on an essential human experience — trust.

Sidney D'mello

A New Way of Learning in the Classroom

Nov. 6, 2023

Sidney D’Mello is a professor in CU Boulder’s Institute of Cognitive Science and Department of Computer Science, and is also director of the National Science Foundation AI Institute for Student-AI Teaming.

Chancellor DiStefano

Making AI a Tool for Good

Nov. 6, 2023

It’s exciting to consider how artificial intelligence is already changing the way we teach, learn and innovate. CU Boulder faculty, staff and students are at the forefront of this work, harnessing AI to improve autonomous vehicles, enhance K-12 education and create never before-seen works of art.