Toma Peiu
Research Fellow
Faculty and Research Fellows

Toma Peiu is a filmmaker, writer and media scholar, presently pursuing a PhD in Emergent Technologies and Media Arts Practices at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Toma's work as a writer and visual artist confounds with his scholarly interests in identifying new modes of expression by engaging technology of various generations and liminal theories from various disciplines. A fellow of the Center for Media, Religion and Culture and a researcher at CU Boulder, he explores identity formation, pessimism, population mobility and the shaping of the environment and public urban space as archives for culture, memory and social affirmation. He holds an MA in Media Studies from The New School University in New York, and a bachelor's in Screenwriting and Film Studies from The National University of Dramatic Arts and Film in Bucharest. 

His works have been presented in over 100 venues on four continents: from film festivals to academic conferences, museums, community centers and multiplex theaters.