Mirjam Aeschbach
Visiting Fellow
Faculty and Research Fellows

Mirjam Aeschbach earned a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and English
Literature and Linguistics (2010-2014) and a master’s degree in Religious Studies
and Gender Studies at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She spent parts of her
master’s at the University of Utrecht, Nederland, focusing on the intersection of
religion and gender in European public discourses. In addition to her studies, she
worked as a research associate at the Chair of Social Psychology and Higher
Education Research (ETHZ D-GESS) and as part of a research project at the
Department of Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich.
She is currently conducting her PhD within the scope of a Swiss National Science
Foundation research grant. Her research focuses on Swiss-German media debates
on Islam and Muslims in Switzerland and specifically on Muslim women active
therein. Looking at mass media as well as social media outputs, she studies how the
positionality of Muslim women as well as their active contribution shape narratives of
national identity.