Lily Boxman-Shabtai
Visiting Fellow
Faculty and Research Fellows

Lillian Boxman-Shabtai is a PhD candidate at the Media Technology and Society program at Northwestern University. She holds a BA and MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Broadly interested in the relationship between media messages and their audiences, Lillian’s research focuses on textual and societal aspects related to the concept of polysemy (meaning multiplicity). Her previous work explored the polysemy of humorous email forwards and YouTube parodies. Her dissertation, entitled Decoding Convergence-Divergence as an Interdisciplinary Approach to Meaning Multiplicity: The Case of Gravity Payments’ 70K Initiative offers an interdisciplinary analytical and conceptual framework for the analysis of polysemy in the news media, by exploring the framing and reception of a story about corporate social responsibility and income inequality in the US.