Raoof Mir
Past Visiting Scholar
Center Alumni & Past Fellows

Raoof Mir is currently a PhD student at Centre for Media Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. For his doctoral thesis, Raoof Mir is looking at how religion and media interact in the spaces of social, cultural and political practices of Muslims in Indian Administered Kashmir. In the year 2016, Raoof was awarded with INLAKS Research Travel Grant for his visit to Center for Media, Religion, and Culture, University of Colorado, Boulder. Prior to his ongoing PhD programme, Raoof wrote his M.Phil dissertation on Political Historiography of Islam in South Asia and his Master’s dissertation on Changing Face of Kashmir in Bollywood from University of Hyderabad. Raoof has worked with Naandi Foundation in support of child rights. He also has worked with Yugantar, an advocacy, research and outreach organization for an action based research project focusing on Muslim youth of Hyderabad.