Laurens de Rooij
Past Visiting Fellow
Center Alumni & Past Fellows

Laurens de Rooij earned his PhD from Durham University in July 2016. His research examines how non-Muslim people in Britain interact with news reports about Islam and Muslims and how that affects their interpretation and conceptualization of Islam and Muslims. This is an interdisciplinary study that discusses the issue of media reports about Muslims and Islam whilst drawing upon areas such as hermeneutics, media studies, philosophy of identity and religious studies. The research hopes to garner a greater understanding into the way the individual understands and interprets media reports related to Islam as well as the effect a media report can have on the way it is perceived and received.

Laurens de Rooij started his university education in Leuven, Belgium to study at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. There he completed a BA in Theology and Religious Studies (2010) and an MA in Theology and Religious Studies, specialising in Islam (Cum Laude, 2012). Writing a Master’s thesis on Tariq Ramadan and Islam in the West. Debating whether according to Tariq Ramadan a ‘western’ Islam is possible or only an Islamisation of western culture is possible? With a concluding section that compared Tariq Ramadan’s work to that of Bassam Tibi. He was a visiting research fellow for the Center for Media, Religion and Culture for the 2013-2014 academic year.