Annemarie Galeucia
Center Alumni
Center Alumni & Past Fellows

Annemarie Galeucia received her MA in Religious Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2008. She is the Student and Faculty Development Coordinator for Louisiana State University’s Communication across the Curriculum and co-organizer for TEDxLSU. Annemarie will defend her dissertation in September 2016. Her doctoral work in LSU’s Geography & Anthropology program builds on her master’s focus on material and public cultures. Her research focuses on stereotypes about manufactured housing (and their residents), how these stereotypes inform public policy and lived experience, and what this can, in turn, illuminate about paradigms of race and class in the myth of the American Dream. In 2016 the Association of American Colleges & Universities named Annemarie a K. Patricia Cross Fellow and identified her as a future leader in higher education. Annemarie’s work for LSU combines her formal training in cultural and qualitative studies with experiential learning and community engagement endeavors for LSU students.