Rick Robinson
Professor of Practice • Founding Faculty
Information Science

Rick E. Robinson, Professor of Practice and Founding Faculty in Information Science, was trained as a life-span developmental psychologist at the University of Chicago, earning his MA and Ph.D. (1989) there. He is interested in the day-to-day interactions people have with the data that exists about them, and how that data is gathered and returned. He has spent the majority of his career developing innovative approaches to understanding end users of products and technologies in support of new product development. He has significant research and design experience with companies such as BMW, McDonald’s, Sony, and Pfizer. He was a co-founder of E-Lab, a research consultancy that pioneered new approaches for understanding the interactions between people and products, and of iota partners, which used distributed sensor data pursuit of similar goals.  After the acquisition of both companies by Sapient, Rick became the world’s first Chief Experience Officer (CXO).