Undine Vallejos
Master's Student

Growing up in Huntington, West Virginia, Undine Vallejos was immersed in Appalachian culture and cultivated an appreciation for nature. Thereafter she attended Washington University in St. Louis, and received her BA in English literature and German. After graduation, she studied to become a medical doctor and worked as an internist in private practice and as a hospitalist for many years in Chicago. She currently still resides in the windy city, and has developed a fondness for its diversity and midwestern flair. 

Recently, Undine’s interests have focused on pursuing a master’s degree in journalism with a focus on medical communications. She hopes to one day deliver quality medical news to an audience of her peers. Undine enjoys her time with her children the most. However, she also finds pleasure in reading the news on a daily basis, cooking, gardening, knitting and participating in many outdoor activities.