Lisa Marshall
Master's Student

Lisa Marshall is an award-winning health and medical science journalist with two decades of experience writing for magazines, newspapers and scientific and health institutions. She has contributed to Men's Journal, Scientific American, Discover, Prevention, Runner's World, Women's Health, Web MD, Vice News, The Denver Post, and other publications.

She currently serves as senior science writer for CU Boulder where she covers cutting-edge research happening on campus. Over the years, her journalistic curiosity has led her to Rwandan hospitals to cover the healthcare system's recovery post-genocide, makeshift dental clinics in the Nepal Himalaya, remote villages along the Amazon River, and forgotten archaeological sites in the Peruvian Andes.

She’s pursuing a master’s in journalism with a focus on both multimedia storytelling and integrative physiology. Through her graduate work, she aims to expand her journalistic toolkit to include podcasts and documentary films, and also gain a better understanding of human physiology to inform her health reporting.

When she’s not writing, she can be found running trails in the Colorado Rockies where she is currently training for her 13th marathon. She lives in Estes Park with her daughters, Sage and Skylar, her husband, Ron, and her flock of backyard chickens.

Find some of her work here.