Master's Student

Born in Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, Diana Boyer headed out east to get her BA in English and French at Connecticut College in 2018. During college, she continued her running career as a D3 athlete competing in cross country and track, exploring the many trails that riddle the hills of small town New London. After graduating, she traveled around trying out different jobs, many of them being in the hospitality industry until she landed in Boulder, Colorado, where she fell in love with the mountains. 

Diana is pursuing a master’s degree in journalism, with a focus on the environment and sports. Her hope is to research and share how humans continue to push limits through outdoor mediums, such as climbing, trail running, biking, etc., as well as shed light on the value of the spaces we live in and how we can protect them. Outside of pursuing her degree, Diana’s hobbies include trail running, paragliding, climbing, road biking and reading as many books as she can possibly consume.