Colette Czarnecki
Master's Student

A spirited traveler originating from southeast Michigan, Colette Czarnecki spent most of her time in Detroit, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in environmental science with a co-major in urban studies at Wayne State University.  There she found the importance of community and expanded that through filmmaking and shadow puppetry within the city.  She attended a few courses at what once was the Detroit Film Coalition, where she learned the art of short films.  She worked on a few shadow puppet shows as well, which always documented hopes, dreams, and realities within the Detroit community.  She was a Knight grantee through the PuppetLab Theatre, where she produced a full-length shadow puppetry story.  She also has worked with Carrie Morris Arts Production, broadening her shadow puppetry technique. 

She worked as a park ranger with the National Park Service in Page, AZ after her move out of the city.  This gave her motivation to continue learning the art of storytelling.  She has written a couple blogs on herbal medicine and travelling, as well as interviewing interesting people along the way.  She is excited to develop her skill through multimedia production in a professional manner at CU Boulder. 

During her free time, Colette enjoys foraging plants, making herbal medicine and can be found hiking on trails with her pup, Alice.