Amber Carlson
Master's Student

Born and raised in Colorado, Amber Carlson completed her BA in Psychology here at CU Boulder in 2010. She is a lifelong writer and photographer with a background in art and design. After many years of career exploration, she landed in the world of professional freelance writing and online content creation in early 2020, and she now returns to Boulder to pursue a master's degree in journalism. 

As a journalist, Amber hopes to cover local, national, and international stories around mental health and social justice. She aspires to make a difference in the world by telling stories that matter and contribute to vital conversations about the social issues of our times.

Having visited over 30 countries (and lived in three), Amber is also an avid traveler and fascinated by cultures around the world. She is proficient in Spanish and French, and is currently in love with the language, culture, and music of Brazil."

She lives in Wheat Ridge with her partner and their two pups.