Joe Hatfield
PhD Student

Joe Hatfield is a doctoral student in the rhetoric and culture concentration, and currently teaches in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric. His interest in rhetorical studies and critical/cultural theory began as an undergraduate at the University of North Texas where he earned a BA in english in 2014. By 2016, he attained a MA in communication and rhetorical studies, a certificate of advanced study in women's and gender studies, and a certificate in university teaching from Syracuse University. 

Joe's research investigates new technologies and their rhetorical effects on mediated identity composition in an age typified by the immersive affordances of digital culture. He focuses primarily on LGBTQ people and their archives and seeks to better understand the ways marginalized populations use digital media to forge spaces of memory and cultural production. He looks forward to further pursuing this line of inquiry by engaging in interdisciplinary conversations across digital rhetorics, queer technology studies and rhetoric/composition.