Maya Livio
PhD Student
Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance

Maya Livio’s research centers on the unresolved points of failure between on and offline systems. She is particularly interested in data and platform politics, networked intimacy, mediated vulnerability, and feminist critiques of technology. Her modes of inquiry into these subjects include both digital methods as well as practice-based research approaches.

Livio is a research affiliate at the Digital Methods Initiative in Amsterdam, a Curator of MediaLive, an annual media arts festival hosted by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and a Curator of the Media Archaeology Lab. She holds a master’s degree in New Media & Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam and a bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of Maryland.

Livio’s papers have been accepted and presented at the Conference on Communication and Environment, the Digital Methods Winter School at the University of Amsterdam, and the Contropedia Symposium. She is currently a teaching assistant for the information module of the Concepts & Creativity course at the University of Colorado, with prior teaching experience including five years as an arts instructor and multiple teaching assistantships at the University of Maryland. She has been invited to give talks on digital research methods to the Dutch police (Politie), the Center for Terrorism and Counterterrorism in the Hague, and the British Home Office in London.