Paulus van Horne
PhD Student
Critical Media Practices

Paulus van Horne (they, them, theirs) is a sound artist and games researcher from New York state. Paulus' current practice leverages simulation and digital game technologies to engage the hyperobject of gender. Guiding themes in this research include: simulation, designed identity, vocal synthesis, machine learning, and games for girls. Paulus' research is affiliated with the Media Archaeology and Whaaat? Labs at CU Boulder.

Paulus graduated from Oberlin College & Conservatory in 2015 in Environmental Studies and Technology in Music And Related Arts (TIMARA). Since 2014, Paulus has worked actively as a live sound engineer and podcast producer in equal measures. In 2017, Paulus was selected as a Thomas J. Watson Fellow, supporting their ongoing sound recording and research project, "Noise and the Megacity." Paulus' radio productions about noise and queerness have been featured on stations such WGBH, WHYY, Wavefarm, La Radia and the Radiotopia podcast network.