Minso Kim
PhD Candidate
Critical Media Practices

Minso Kim is an international artist, educator and researcher whose practice explores the relationship between analog and digital worlds through human interaction. Together her creative and academic works not only consider the sensorial experiences of art, but they meditate on human life infused with diverse categories, from the environment, to computational systems, to popular culture. Kim’s artwork and writing have been shown and published in various countries including the Seoul Museum of Art, Minnesota State University, Universidad de Caldas, Short Film Festival Budapest and more. She graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with master’s degree in Art and Technology Studies in 2013. She received two bachelor’s degrees in painting and museum studies from Seoul Women’s University. Kim has taught contemporary art practices and theory at Seoul Women’s University from 2015 to 2017. Currently, Kim conducts her research at the University of Colorado at Boulder as a PhD student.