Rebecca Avalos
PhD Student

Office Location: Hellems 10


Office Hours: Mon, Fri 1-2 p.m., Wed by appointment

Rebecca Avalos’ first educational institution, and the site she calls home, is Los Angeles, California. Rebecca holds a B.A. and M.A. in Communication Studies and a B.A. in Chicano and Latin American Studies. Currently, at CU, Rebecca is a third year doctoral student of Rhetoric and Culture and serves on various activist, scholarly, and leadership platforms within the Department of Communication Studies and university-wide.

Keywords/Areas of Study:
Critical Race Theory
Social Movement Theory
Critical Rhetoric
Rhetorical Criticism
Theory of Performativity
Critical Urban Geography

Courses Taught:
Campaigns & Revolutions
Argumentation, Persuasion, & Logic
Intercultural Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Introduction to Communication Studies
Public Speaking