Saima Kazmi
PhD Student
Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design

Saima Kazmi is a doctoral student in the strategic communications track of the Media Research and Practice program at CU Boulder. As a PhD student, her broad research interests include exploring the role of strategic communication in promoting sustainable food systems, green advertising, and digital consumer movements.

She has a bachelor’s in business administration and an MBA in Marketing from Institute of Business Management Karachi, Pakistan. In the past, she has worked as a social media manager for a digital advertising agency, where she effectively curated and managed social media communication for major brands like Unilever Pakistan, Nestle and Zong. She has also worked as a researcher with Youth Center for Research, exploring the ineffectiveness of health communication campaigns targeted at the low-income strata in Karachi slums. She has interned with Citibank and American Express.

Outside the classroom, she enjoys exploring new places with her family, reading fiction, and gardening.