Sasha Nova
Master's Student
Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design

Originally from Siberia, Russia, Alexandra (Sasha) Nova moved to America alone at the age of 15 to pursue her American Dream. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, Sasha pursued a career in sales and marketing. She is a strong believer in lifelong learning and wants to continue her higher education and eventually get a PhD. She is currently a Director of Sales & Marketing for an estate jewelry company in Beverly Hills. In her career, Sasha is passionate about business development. She enjoys providing her teammates with meaningful opportunities and resources for personal and professional growth. She is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Corporate Communication, which is extremely aligned with her day-to-day leadership responsibilities. 

When she is not selling diamonds, Sasha aspires to live an intentional and diverse lifestyle. She is a stoic, a minimalist, and a deep conversationalist. Sasha finds joy in quality time with loved ones, traveling, reading, yoga, pottery, cooking, candle-making, and every other hobby you could possibly think of!