The Media Enterprise Group (MediaEG) is intended to be an action-oriented, cross-departmental community of practice within CMCI to support our faculty, staff, and students in meeting the social and economic challenges of the twenty-first-century media landscape.

This program takes seriously our commitment, expressed in the One College, One Plan document, to “embrace the idea of intentional innovation—where process, risk, iteration, failure, practice, and experimentation result in new ways of thinking and doing.” Further, we seek to do so in a manner grounded in inclusivity, excellence, sustainability, and public service.


  • Cultivate understandings of enterprise that are distinctive to CMCI’s values and mission

  • Connect faculty and students with entrepreneurial opportunties across campus and in the surrounding community

  • Support faculty and students in entrepreneurial projects, with an emphasis on inclusivity and the common good

  • Develop new revenue models for the college consistent with our shared values


The precise activities of MediaEG are determined by the group itself, but some possibilities are as follows:

  • Regular roundtables: Several times each semester, we will meet over lunch for focused discussions and planning meetings. These can include relevant invited guests, such as colleagues across campus or people from the local business community.
  • Public events: Once or twice each semester, we will hold public events, both on and off campus, featuring media innovators and social entrepreneurs. These might be lectures, but they could also be project showcases, debates, hackathons and more.

  • Student enterprise: In order to encourage risk-taking and experimentation, we will support student participation in entrepreneurship opportunities on and off campus, such as through the New Venture Challenge and Boulder’s various accelerators and incubators, as well as developing internship opportunities through our off-campus collaborations.

  • Media Clinic - As a form of outreach to the community, students and faculty might offer their skills to the public in the form of an open Media Clinic, based on the model of legal clinics frequently found in law schools. This would be a form of public service, as well as a way of publicizing the college’s presence and work.


Membership in MediaEG is open to CMCI faculty, staff, and graduate students, and is constituted by those who participate in MediaEG roundtables. MediaEG’s secretary will serve in one-year terms, nominated by MediaEG members and approved by the dean. The founding secretary is Nathan Schneider.

As much as possible, MediaEG will create opportunities for undergraduate involvement in events and other activities. Students could also be encouraged to develop a media enterprise group of their own that would coordinate activities with MediaEG.


CMCI has allotted a $6,000 budget for MediaEG in the 2016-2017 academic year. Allocations will be determined by the secretary in consultation with group members.

Get involved

To learn more or join the group email list, please contact Nathan Schneider.